Clopay Launches Contest for Garage Makeovers

clopay imaginenation contestI can’t believe summer is almost over and my kids will be back at school next week! Way too short!!

On another note, Clopay is hosting a contest that runs through December 31, 2016. It’s called the imagineNATION Makeover Contest.

The contest encourages homeowners to transform their homes with new Clopay doors, and to document the makeover with before/after photos. Submit your before/after photos into the imagineNATION Makeover Contest here, and Clopay will award $1,000 to a winning homeowner each month the contest runs, from September-December.

In the past, Clopay has run a Foto Finish Friday contest (same concept) and we had two Easy Open Door customers win!!

So, if you’re thinking of updating the front of your home by replacing your garage door, give us a call to schedule your free in-home estimate. Let us help you choose a new look for your garage.  It will be the first step towards you winning $1,000 in prize money from Clopay!

June is Garage Door Safety Month

I finally put a key to my front door on my keychain, but I rarely ever use it. The garage door is my front door. I’m the lucky one who gets to park in there, so in and out through the garage door I go – multiple times a day. With all the use it gets, and being the largest moving part on the house, regular maintenance is required to keep it in good working order.

The start of summer, when the kids are out of school and the door will be getting even more use, is the perfect time to have a safety check performed.

When you schedule your June Tune-up & Safety Check with Easy Open Door, the following will be performed:

  • door will be balanced by adjusting the springs as needed
  • cables, rollers, hinges, springs and other hardware will be inspected
  • reversing tested on opener
  • all moving parts on the door will be lubed

To schedule this service, call us today or fill out this contact form. Be sure to mention this blog entry for a “special blog-reader discount.”

Pro Tips: In addition to scheduling a service call with a professional, you (the homeowner/renter) can check out the following monthly on your own:

  • make sure the springs, cables, rollers and other door hardware are not showing signs of wear
  • make sure the opener is reversing properly by placing a roll of paper towels under the door and then lowering the door – when it hits the towels, it should reverse
  • remind children that the garage door is not a toy

National Garage Organization Month

Did you know that April is National Garage Organization Month? I guess Spring cleaning extends to the garage as well. The days are getting warmer, it’s staying light later… get out there and start organizing!

Depending on what your garage looks like, this may be easier for some. If you’re able to park a car, or lucky enough to get two, in your garage, you’ve got a head start. For the rest of us, the garage easily becomes the dumping ground for things we don’t want in the house, but are not yet ready to part with.

One way to go about organizing your garage:

1) empty the garage
2) sort
3) donate/recycle/trash (don’t skip this step!)
4) organize
5) enjoy your new space!

I love when everything has its “spot.” It makes it so much easier to keep it clean and organized if you know where to put things. I found this article with 28 brilliant ideas for organizing your garage. I can’t wait to put some of these in place in my garage.

As a garage door dealer, I have to remind my customers when we schedule appointments for a new door install that we need 10′ of clearance from the opening back inside the garage. If you’re in the market for a new garage door, which you very well may be since you are on my blog, please keep this in mind. If you have the old style wood, one-piece garage door, our installer (yes, it generally only takes one installer to hang a garage door) needs to back his truck halfway into your garage to remove your old door. He also needs to be able to maneuver the long sections of the new garage door inside the garage and set up their ladder in the front, sides and middle of your garage. And even if you are just having service work done to your door, having the space to move around with a ladder is much appreciated. If you have a broken torsion spring on your garage door, we need to be able to set a ladder not only where the springs are in the center, but also on both sides of the garage door where the cables are.

Happy organizing!!

Peace of Mind

Gold_Bar_Warranty_Sell_Sheet_pdfPurchasing a new garage door is not something you do, nor need to do, very often. While looks are important, quality of the door is also a big factor to be considered. You’re spending a good amount of money on it, so you want it to last.

There are many door manufacturers out there. We can install any of them, but we choose to install Clopay garage doors. Clopay is the only garage door manufacturer backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal. This means that you know the Clopay products have been thoroughly evaluated by scientists, engineers and technicians at the Good Housekeeping Research Institute (GHRI). The GHRI was founded in 1909, and is the oldest consumer product-testing lab of its size in America. Not only is Clopay backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal, they are excellent about standing behind their products. If ever there is a warranty issue, they do not bat an eye before taking care of it.

Click the image at right, to read more on Clopay’s Gold Bar Warranty >>

You may not have ever thought about this, but the garage door is the largest moving “appliance” in your home. With that said, using it daily, there are parts that will eventually break due to normal wear-and-tear. Springs are one of these parts. They are based on cycles, so once they max out their cycles, they snap. Hinges and rollers may sometimes break over time as well.

As an Authorized Clopay Dealer, we are able to offer Clopay’s Gold Bar Warranty. This is available for purchase with any of Clopay’s doors. The Gold Bar Warranty includes the following upgrades: heavy-duty ball bearing rollers, extended life cycle springs, and heavy-duty 14 gauge hinges — all with a lifetime warranty. So now you can enjoy your new Clopay garage door, knowing that its performance and hardware are guaranteed.

Easy Open Door Co., Inc. offers a one-year labor warranty on all new products that we install.  So, if 11 months after your door is installed, something malfunctions, rest assured that it will be taken care of at no charge to you.

New Year, New Door

New year, new start, new beginnings… I love January! Many/most of us set goals for ourselves at this time of year and we have 365 days to make them happen. Best of luck to all of you!

Maybe a new garage door is on your list of things to do in 2016??  If so, you’re in luck.  Clopay has brought back, by popular demand, their Consumer Rebate Promotion.  Beginning February 1st you have the opportunity to save up to $180 on new garage doors and openers.

Besides going up and down and being something to hide the contents of our garages, your garage door plays a major part on the look of your home.  In California in particular, the majority of garages are in the front of the house and can account for up to half of what you see from the curb.  Therefore, replacing your garage door can give your home an instant facelift.  And, on a side note, Remodeling Magazine’s “Cost vs. Value Report 2015″ states that you can recoup 88.4% of what you paid for your new door when selling your home.

So, whether you’re staying put or selling, let’s look at your options for a new door.  There are so many choices out there.  I know it can be overwhelming. (Although from personal experience, choosing paint colors and granite countertops is much more difficult!)  Fortunately, there are tools out there to help make the process easier for you.  On our website, we have a “Design Your Door” feature where you upload a photo of your own home and try on different doors.  Clopay has also come up with a list of “Lifestyle Questions” to help make an educated decision on the type of door you should get.  And, if you haven’t ever been on, I highly suggest visiting.  It’s a remarkable free website, consisting of close to NINE MILLION photos of home remodeling projects and ideas.

Whether you are in the market for a basic steel sectional garage door, a door with windows, a faux wood garage door, a real wood sectional garage door or a glass and aluminum garage door, you’ve come to the right spot.  Please give us a call and our office staff (myself or Jessica) can help guide you through the process and we can also schedule an appointment for a free, in-home estimate to measure and show you samples and brochures.

I hope you have a wonderful 2016 and that you are able to meet all of your goals!

Choosing the Right Company

With the holidays upon us, I’m sure the last thing on your mind is your garage door…unless, of course, it’s not doing what it is supposed to do: open and close. Thanks for coming to my page, and if this is your first visit, welcome.

It’s always a good idea to shop around and get quotes from different companies to compare. Recently Door + Access Systems, a magazine for door/opener dealers, had on the cover of their Fall issue: “GDS, The Worst Garage Door Company in the Nation”. Wow!!! Unfortunately this company, which has gone by 52 “Fictitious Business Names” in California and many other names in Texas, has been ripping off customers, often times elderly people, for many years now.

Please, please, please, always check a company’s contractors license number before having them come out. You can do this at: This will tell you if the company has a valid license, insurance, how long the company has been around, who the owners are, and if there are any complaints against the company. This simple step is sure to save a lot of aggravation.

I never, in my wildest dreams, thought I would know as much about garage doors as I do. But, they are my life! I can’t help looking at doors wherever I go. I understand that if you haven’t had to deal with purchasing or fixing a door before, you probably don’t have a good idea about what this should cost. Like in any field you are unfamiliar with, getting multiple quotes will give you a good idea of what you should be paying. If the quote seems outrageously expensive, it probably is. If it sounds too cheap, you are probably not getting the bottom line price.

A customer recently forwarded a quote to me from another company that advertises itself as “America’s Favorite Garage Door Company”. I find that funny! How did they come up with that?? This company sent my customer a Good/Better/Best Quote. Good was to change the spring on his 1-car metal sectional door for approximately $650. (This is OUTRAGEOUSLY EXPENSIVE!) Better was to change the springs and the rollers for approximately $750. Best was to change the whole door for $800. My quote for a new door for this customer was $550 – this includes everything (springs, rollers, hardware, door, install…) And the kicker was, we went out to look at the job and all it needed was a service call – the cable needed to be reset. Fortunately for my customer, all he had to pay was $50 for their quote.

We always do free, in-home estimates for new garage doors and we do our best to give the most accurate phone quote for all other services that we offer. We look forward to hearing from you.

Happy Holidays!!

Troubleshooting Tips

This is Michele, co-owner of Easy Open Door Company with my husband Randy. Not that I want to talk myself out of a service call here…but there are a few common calls that come through my office frequently, that with a little bit of help from our friendly staff, can be solved for free.

  1.  “My remotes stopped working, but the button inside still works.”  If you have more than one remote and they both stopped working at the same, most likely it is not an issue with the remotes.  The first thing you should check to see if you have a “Lock” button on your wall control.  If so, make sure that the button was not pressed by mistake.  If you have a LiftMaster opener, the wall button will blink if it’s in lock mode.  To turn off the lock mode, press and hold the lock button for a couple of seconds and then release it.  This will take it out of lock mode and your remotes should work again.  The lock feature is built into many openers as an added safety measure.  It locks the remotes out, but you will still be able to open and close the door from the wall control and from a wireless key pad.  If the Lock Button is not the problem, your remotes may need to be reprogrammed or you may have a bad logic board.

  2. “My garage door will not open or close from my remotes nor from my wall button.”  If the remotes and the wall control stopped working and you do not hear the motor running/trying to run when you push the button(s), check your power source.  You can do this by either plugging something that you know works into the outlet where the opener is plugged in or by running an extension cord and plugging the opener into an outlet that you know works.  By doing this, you will determine if there is something wrong with your opener – in which case you can us to schedule a service call, or if it’s a power issue and you need to contact an electrician.

  3. “My door will open okay, but it will only close if I hold the wall button in.”  If your door starts to go down, but then reverses and the light bulbs in the motor blink, check to make sure there is nothing in the way of the photo eyes.  The photo eyes are the safety sensors located on each side near the bottom of the garage door.  They are there to prevent the door from closing on someone or something.  Each eye should have a solid color LED light on it.  If the light(s) are not on, or are flickering, there is either something in the way, they are not aligned well enough, or there could be issue with the wiring.

As always, we offer free phone quotes for garage door service.  Feel free to give us a call and we’ll do our best to get you an accurate quote to fix all of your garage door problems.

LiftMaster Mail-In Offers

Did you know that you can download an App that will tell you if your garage door is open or closed?  It will also tell you for how long it has been opened or closed and allow you to both open and close it while away from home.  How convenient is that!?  I cannot count the number of times that I’ve arrived at the stoplight down the street from my house, or worse yet, been at my destination and thought to myself, “Did I close the garage door?”

The MyQ technology from LiftMaster is available on almost all of their new openers.  And their three Elite Series Openers (Models 8550W, 8587W, or 8557W), have the WiFi built in.  But don’t worry…

If you purchase a Premium Series (Models 8355 or 8360) from November 1 – December 31, 2015, LiftMaster has a consumer mail-in offer for a FREE Internet Gateway (828LM – what is needed to download and use the App).  If you do purchase an Elite series opener (since you don’t need the Internet Gateway to use the App), LiftMaster will have a mail-in offer for two FREE Light Controls (825LM).  Any lamp in your home can be plugged into this device and then you can turn on/off the light from your smartphone.  Never walk into a dark house again!

And those of you with older openers that still work fine, who are not ready to change them out yet, you too can take advantage of these convenient features.  A new MyQ wall control can be installed; with the Internet Gateway, you’ll be good to go.

There are a wide variety of garage door opener and door manufacturers to choose from, when you work with Easy Open Door.  We have chosen to install LiftMaster Openers (and Clopay Garage Doors) for well over 20 years now.  LiftMaster has led the industry in safety, quality and innovation for over 45 years and we are confident that your will be pleased with your new opener.

Contact us with questions or to get started on your LiftMaster mail-in offer.

Our First Blog Post!

Welcome from Easy Open Door Company.

This is the start of our all-new BLOG.  We want to help people understand what’s going on with their garage doors!  We will share design ideas for a new garage door, identify common door problems, and show you the new innovations for the favorite room in your house: the garage.

As San Diego’s favorite family owned and operated garage door business, we have been serving San Diego County for over 30 years.  We offer premium doors and openers for homes and businesses.  The good news is that we also service nearly every brand!

Stay tuned here – as we bring you tools you can use, to make your garage a happier place to park.  Until next time, thank you for choosing Easy Open Door!